Dear colleagues, welcome to “Editors at Home”. The Corona crisis forces us all to stay at home, work at home, or at least stay in separate rooms for a long time without social contacts. Many will certainly be hit hard economically and now have nothing to do. Perhaps you would still like to participate in a home office experiment together…

The game rules

I would like to invite you to create a film with me and others. I created a project with music on the platform “WeVideo” and assembled a first shot of myself.

The task of the following participant is to watch it and film something that continues the “story” – So to find a proper continuation – even if the lighting mood or the acting people and the set etc. from logical settings change. 

You can insert between 1 and 40 seconds, make one or more cuts with one or more shots. You can also shorten the last shot of the person before you, but you have to leave so much of it that it doesn’t look completely amputated. The predecessor should still feel comfortable!

The music should not be changed. However, you may mix it partially quieter or also edit it partially and move the rear part. Anyone who receives an invitation and makes a living as an editor, editing assistant or sound editor can participate. You don’t necessarily have to work at home, you could also be sitting in a lonely office. What exactly you show us is up to you. Basically everything is allowed that is interesting, funny and appropriate and does not violate common decency.

You will see that WeVideo is relatively easy to use. If that’s too tiring for you though, you can also film the current state from the monitor, then shoot your own scenes and mount them on the editing system of your choice and then upload the cut to WeVideo and assemble it as you wish. You can shoot with anything that can produce running images. If possible in 16: 9 in landscape format.Unfortunately, you cannot get started right away. A certain order and discipline must be complied with to work on a joint project of this kind. So please register here…